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HOLE 10 Par 4 / HDCP 4

hole10 explanation

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A solid opening to the back nine that provides a generous driving area but one that encourages a right to left shaped shot. The second shot across the slight dog-leg and to a raised green is difficult and must be struck with authority and accuracy to find the putting surface. Bunkering at the left side of the green encourages 'bail-out' short and right which then leaves a relatively easy pitch. A good hole to par and no shame to bogey.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
4 434 414 392 337
photo from the Hole 10

HOLE 11 Par 4 / HDCP 10

hole11 explanation

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A classic short 'two-shot' hole that tempts the player to cut the corner of the pronounced dog-leg left. The left side is littered with sand and will catch anything that is not hit properly. Plenty of room on the right side, and given the short length, perhaps sensible to play a fairway metal from the tee and leave a full wedge or short iron to the green. The green is situated above the player from the fairway and thus judging distance on the second shot is a challenge.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
10 389 349 335 291
photo from the Hole 11

HOLE 12 Par 5 / HDCP 16

hole12 explanation

Course Guide

This is a deceptively difficult hole to par, not because of the length or the hazards for the tee shot. The reason it is a hole to respect is on account of the approach which is fraught with danger. An easy driving hole, the second shot (assuming there is not a strong tail wind, thus tempting the long carry) should be placed about 100 yards from the green to avoid the strategically placed bunkering on either side. Then the fun begins as you turn 90 degrees left and attempt to clear a large cavernous greenside bunker that appears smaller than it actually is. There is a 'bail-out' to the right side of the green but that will invariably leave a very long and difficult putt across a sever slope.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
16 561 522 488 425
photo from the hole12

HOLE 13 Par 4 / HDCP 2

hole13 explanation

Course Guide

One of the hardest holes on the course. The tee shot is played down into a valley and with the right trajectory a great deal of distance can be achieved. The second shot is played back uphill to a long and narrow green protected by one large bunker on the left side. There is not much room for error on the right side. The green slopes severely from back to front, so anything long can cause a problem. Another of the '4 1/2' type pars.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
2 485 437 409 355
photo from the hole13

HOLE 14 Par 4 / HDCP 14

hole14 explanation

Course Guide

Set up above and to the right of the 13th hole and played as a dog-leg left in the opposite direction, this hole requires a good drive to the right side of the fairway and as close to the dog-leg as possible. The approach with a mid to short iron is to an elevated green that offers spectacular views across the surrounding countryside. A good place to pause and take in the beautiful scenery, assuming you have not just three-putted which is a distinct possibility on a green with a pronounced slope from back to front.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
14 390 362 340 306
photo from the hole14

HOLE 15 Par 3 / HDCP 8

hole15 explanation

Course Guide

Another hole that is very difficult to judge the length of because of the large and long green and the deceptively large bunker situated a good twenty yards short of the putting surface. Subject to the breeze, a long iron or fairway metal is needed to reach the back portion of the green. Played from an elevated tee.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
8 222 188 168 146
photo from the hole15

HOLE 16 Par 4 / HDCP 6

hole16 explanation

Course Guide

This is a hole that rewards a well hit straight drive because the longer the club in your hands for the approach the more difficult it becomes. The green is slightly elevated from the fairway and angled from right to left with deep and menacing bunkering short and greenside left, requiring the approach to be properly elevated to have a chance of staying on the putting surface. There is a generous bail-out area on the right side but it does leave a potentially awkward pitch.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
6 440 395 376 327
photo from the hole16

HOLE 17 Par 3 / HDCP 18

hole17 explanation

Course Guide

A charming 'short' short hole that is played from an elevated tee down to a large two tiered green surrounded by the finest mature Scots fir trees. Bunkering on both sides tempts the player to hit long rather than short if undecided on clubs but from the back to the front is the most severe slope on any green on the course, exacerbated, when the hole is cut in the front, by the steep step in the green from the upper to lower levels.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
18 167 157 131 115
photo from the hole17

HOLE 18 Par 5 / HDCP 12

hole18 explanation

Course Guide

A challenging closing hole that finishes in front of the clubhouse. Sensibly played as a '3-shotter' because of a large lake guarding two thirds of the approach to the green, there will be, however, a temptation to 'go for it' if the drive clears the top of the hill and runs part of the way down the slope towards the green. That said, it would need to be about 300 yards to do so. From the top of the hill, all of the ensuing danger can be seen. A mid-iron or high fairway metal towards the left side of the fairway is the smart play and will leave only a wedge or short iron over the water to the green.

HDCP Black Blue White Red
12 542 525 505 455
photo from the hole18

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