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  • 2011.03.30
  • Bussiness Conditions


  • Windsor Park G&CC has been reopened from April 2nd.
  • We appreciate all of our customers to understand our closing condition. Thank you for all who gave us supportive messages. We have reopened our business from April 2nd.
  • ※There are still grounds under repair at the golf course. Please watch your step when you play.
  • 2011.03.22
  • The course will be closed until the end of March.


  • We send our deep and abiding sympathies and prayers to all victims of this disaster and their families.
    After the decision we made, the course will be closed until the end of March.
    We will update the announcement about the condition of our business from April 1st later.
    We appreciate for all customers’ understanding and cooperation.
  • 2011.04.08
  • Playing Golf With Step Counters and get points!!


  • 1. You need to make an entry at Caddy Master Room.
    Entry Fee: 200 Yen
  • 2. You play full round with a step counter
  • 3. You can get stamps on your point card by according the number of steps appearing in the counter.
    (It will be changed calculation up to each day.)
  • 4.Each point count up to Raffle Draw.
    (Please note there is a LOOSER tickets inside.)

    ・One Free Soft Drink Ticket for one day
    ・One Free Coffee Ticket for one day
    ・Windsor Park G&CC 1000yen Money Ticket
    ・No extra charge for more than 1050yen menu for lunch ticket
    ・・・and lots more!
    (Those tickets are not acceptable during selfdays of Jan. and Feb.)
  • If your point card has been filled out,you can exchange it to ONE FREE PLAY FEE TICKET.
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